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From Object and Subject to Functions

By Boye Akinwande

Object – simply a thing. An entity…

Subject – Subclass of object. Refers specifically to the the sentient properties of an Object…we as human beings are of importance here…

“Object” can make reference to both Subjects and the impersonal/mechanical properties of human beings as well

From these, we arrive at:

Subject to Object– Subject’s mechanical relationship to Object (Te)

**puts self/sentiments in accordance with mechanics of environment

Object to Subject – Object’s sentimental relationship to Subject (Fi)

**reaches full height of personal feeling

Subject to Subject – Subject’s sentimental relationship to Subject (Fe)

**gets best grasp on how humans relate to each other sentimentally

Object to Object – Object’s mechanical relationship to Object (Ti)

**best position for gaining impartial, detached knowledge of mechanics. If the self does enter the equation here, it is only considered as an impersonal object

Extraverted Judgement -The extraverted judgement functions demonstrate the “Subjects” as active agents orienting themselves to the parameters of their environments to have influence

-Subject to Object: Subject seeks to orient himself to the mechanics of his environment to have impact

-Subject to Subject: Subject seeks to orient himself to the sentiments of his environment to have intended impact on the sentiments of others

 Introverted Judgment – The introverted judgement functions demonstrate the “Subjects” as passive agents, instead showing concern for how objects impact one another

-Object to Subject: Subject observes the sentimental impact objects have on the self

-Object to Object: As said, subject doesn’t even factor himself into the equation or if he does, regards himself as a mechanical object. He’s focused on observing how objects mechanically impact one another.

Feeling – The Feeling functions are concerned with how Subjects are sentimentally impacted

Thinking –  The Thinking functions are concerned how Objects are mechanically impacted

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