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Richard Noll’s Page Proofs for ‘Mysteria: Jung and the Ancient Mysteries’

ABSTRACT: Richard Noll is a historian of psychiatry who wrote two controversial volumes on C.G. Jung in the 1990s: The Jung Cult (1994) and The Aryan Christ (1997). A third volume, Mysteria, was also set for publication by Princeton University Press (1994/1995), but was suppressed at the behest of the Jung family. Following the suppression of the book, Noll has previously made his own contributions to ‘Mysteria’ available to scholars through gated communities such as and ResearchGate. However, with the permission of the author, the page proofs for ‘Mysteria’ are now made available in an ungated format for the first time. – OJJT.

Link to Richard Noll’s Contributions to ‘Mysteria: Jung and the Ancient Mysteries.’
The above is a link to Noll’s page proofs for ‘Mysteria.’ Note that the book was never published. Permission is granted for personal, non-commercial use only. You may download and quote from the source as needed.

Link to advertisement for ‘Mysteria,’ circulated by Princeton University Press.
PUP placed the following advertisement in multiple publications, including the ‘Journal of the History of Ideas’ and ‘Gnosis’ (a New Age / Esotericism publication that has long since collapsed).

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