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Category: Sigurd Arild

An Illustration of Te and Ti

By Sigurd Arild Two people observe the same occurrence and their consciousness drags them in different directions. Let us say they both observe their neighbor’s dog barking incessantly, disturbing their peace and making their lives miserable. One person’s consciousness would more naturally gravitate towards which possibilities of sanctioning the neighbor she had available and think about how she could the most effectively, and in the shortest time, achieve her goal of getting the dog to stop ruining her peace. Another person, by contrast, might observe the same phenomenon and (instead of thinking about how to realistically and cost-effectively solve the…

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Intuition and Sensation as Names and Misnomers

By┬áSigurd Arild As they are used in Jungian typology, the names of Intuition and Sensation are often confusing to the newcomer. Indeed, it is not just newcomers; even experts have at times been confounded by that choice of nomenclature. For example, as van der Hoop has said: “Jung’s definition, according to which intuition is the mental function which transmits perception in an unconscious way, I do not … regard as very useful. In the first place, intuition is not felt as perception, nor as a group of perceptions, but as an insight into the significance of the whole of the…

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