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Category: Kartikeya Chauhan

Socionics Descriptions of the Functions (with Examples)

By Kartikeya Chauhan 1.Fi : Relation (R). Static, deals with the field of psychological distance. Awareness of the ratio of state of energy (interpersonal), like the ratio of my emotional energy to yours. This awareness is used to fine-tune the wavelength of two different persons (w.r.t. the internal state) to bridge psychological distances (eg. through Politeness or avoiding saying something necessary). Hyper aware of its own emotional state because it has so many other emotional states to contrast with, one by one, either by looking at what’s present and dealing with that (INFP) or with what is absent (ISFP), from which…

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Dominant Sensing as deductive, Dominant Intuition as inductive

By Kartikeya Chauhan 1. This may seem contradictory to the whole notion of Perception which withholds making judgements or organising information in addition to the common notion of Ti=deductive and Te=inductive but here, the focus is not on the organisation of perceived data (Judging) but the mode of perception itself by means of deduction and induction. 1.1. Since Perception is irrational, induction and deduction here do not seek to make sense of the Perceived data but only describe the method of flow of that data between Sensing and Intuition (or vice versa) without being affected or organised by the Rational processes (T/F). 2.0. Dominant…

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