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Category: Jesse Gerroir

INTJ Description

By Jesse Gerroir Detached pragmatists, INTJs are systematic and often visionary problem solvers. They approach problems in a methodical manner. Where often slow to act, they are unconsciously observant and analytic; slowly noting how the parts of the whole fit together before, in decisive action, arrange things to suit their needs or towards a particular goal or overall vision. Outwardly INTJs often appear distant, and for the most part, unexpressive. They can often come across cold and or even harsh, but are more or less just detached. They do not easily get caught up in their emotions, the emotions of others…

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On Society and the Cognitive Functions – a Memoir

By Jesse Gerroir A ‘game’ that is often played with typology is to ‘type’ a particular society or culture. And opinion that is often expressed is of certain individuals who feel out of place in their particular culture or country. This all brings up the question of whether or not it is possible to type cultures or countries or things larger than the individual. While I think that there are very few that would argue that there are some profound differences between cultures, societies, and other social groups, the field of anthropology and sociology have devoted decades of research to this, and…

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