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Category: James Fisher

3 Things Wrong with CelebrityTypes

By James Fisher A bit about my background: I’ve been practicing typology for 10 years. I have attended several of the major conferences and interacted with many of the top names in the field first-hand. Based on my experience, I’d definitely say that CelebrityTypes is better and more knowledgeable when it comes to typology than 90% of the field. They also have some pervasive shortcomings though, which I’ll attempt to set straight in this article. Before I go on to criticize them, I’ll list a few of the things which they’ve generally done right. CelebrityTypes understands the functions (and how…

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Why Larry Ellison Is ENTJ

By James Fisher Both Keirsey and CelebrityTypes have assessed Larry Ellison to be an Se type. Keirsey ESTP; CelebrityTypes ESFP. On the face of it, these claims are understandable: Ellison’s public image is that of a big playboy, a stereotypical ‘SP’ male according to Keirsey’s portraiture of those types. However, if one looks past the marketing, it will be seen that Ellison has an incredible amount of drive and determinism. He’s known to be ruthless and harsh, and in the way he talks, you can detect a preoccupation with ‘serious’ matters – far moreso than the energy expended on the playboy…

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