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Category: Hannah Strachan

Why Cleopatra Might be ESTP

By Hannah Strachan Most people would probably type Cleopatra as ENTJ or ENTP, and quite possibly peg her as having a narcissistic style too. For my part, I disagree with all of that. Let’s look a bit at Cleopatra in her proper historical and cultural context. We are not presented with a wealth of information, but nor are we lost in the dark either. We have testimonies from various sources (both negative Roman sources, and more positive ones from the Middle East), and all of them seem to point to a single type. Our sources agree that she possessed strategic,…

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Why Parmenides Might be ISTP

By Hannah Strachan Firstly, he seemed to really only have one great idea (as described in Smith’s article here), and then he builds on this. At no point does he explore lots of ideas or different perspectives from his own. He seems very, very confident (at least, if we assume the goddess is presenting his own views) that he is correct – as Smith’s says, if we take him on his own terms, his philosophy is almost impossible to argue with. And if you did try to present alternative ways of viewing/framing the debate I have a feeling he would dismiss you…

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4 Reasons Bjork Might be ENFP

By Hannah Strachan Based on this interview here. 1. Doesn’t actually seem all that introverted. She seems to be quite an adventurous person, and to be very light hearted about making life-changing decisions (I can’t remember the interview, but I saw one where she explained that the formation of the Sugarcubes band was a bit of a joke/con and they just decided to try and make it as a band because they had nothing better to do). Behaviorally, she actually is quite open (in the sense that she talks a lot) and funny in interviews, even though her demeanor is…

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Why Peter Thiel Might Be INTP

By Hannah Strachan Most people in the typology world seem to type Thiel as some kind of TJ type – INTJ, ENTJ, or ISTJ. However, I believe he is none of those types. In fact, I believe he is INTP. I will offer some pointer to that effect below. Why Thiel shows Ti over Te 1. His “favorite interview question” of asking people what they think is true, but what other people disagree with you on is very Ti. In effect, it’s a seeking of interesting new theories and shows an inherent lack of reverence towards accepted models. Te dominants would probably…

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