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Category: C.G. Jung

Jung on Nietzsche

By C.G. Jung You know, Nietzsche in the first part of his life was a great and very intuitive intellectual, chiefly rebellious and critical of traditional values, and you still find that in Zarathustra. There was then little of what one would call positive in him; he could criticize with remarkable readiness, but he was not yet synthetic or constructive, and he could not produce values. Then suddenly, like an extraordinary revelation, all which his former writings omitted came upon him. He was born in 1844, and he began to write Zarathustra in 1883, so he was then thirtynine years…

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C.G. Jung’s Secret Letter to Poul Bjerre

ABSTRACT: In 1913, while relations were souring with Sigmund Freud, C.G. Jung sent the following letter to the Swedish psychologist Poul Bjerre. The letter was sent shortly after Jung’s very last meeting with Freud (they were physically in the same room, but apparently did not speak to each other). The original letter is located in archives in Stockholm, Sweden. The letter is dated November 10, 1913. All emphases are in the original. – OJJT. By C.G. Jung Highly esteemed colleague! Thank you so much for the happy tidings. May I have your permission to announce the news in the Corr-blatt? I have less encouraging…

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