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About OJJT

The Open Journal of Jungian Typology is a ‘mildly peer-reviewed’ journal established in 2015 as an open forum for the discussion of Jungian typology, psychology, and philosophy. The purpose of the journal is not to advocate any one view of Jungian typology or its related fields, but to facilitate the discussion of its topics in good faith and with proper acknowledgment of one’s own sources, as well as other theorists working in the field. The journal is non-profit and will never run ads or paywall its contents, but may ask for donations in conjunction with specific, one-time projects.

Each contributor to the Open Journal only vouches for the insights and assessments featured in his or her own contribution(s): Publication in the journal does not imply that the author is in agreement with the contents and assessments featured elsewhere in the journal.

If you wish to submit a contribution to the journal, send it through at admins |a|